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Online travel booking have become a major industry and service in the new millenia. Our research indicates that on average people prefer to book travel arrangements online as opposed to over the phone or with a travel agent. As a result, a need for more stable and web integrated software has arrived.

Our Solutions

  • Energy Controllers for Oceanfront Condos
    - Our energy controllers monitor open windows, motion, and humidity to control the usage of electricity and the development of black mold in tropical climates. This is an added benefit to any HOA and pays for itself when implemented in high rise resorts.

  • Mass E-mail Marketing
    - Our advanced customer e-mail collection techniques combined with our mass e-mail delivery software and online reservation system can provide a streamlined way to reach your customers. Send them deals and promotions knowing that it is all Spam Free. Extend your reach by capturing e-mail addresses and captivating your audience.
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    Other services include:
  • Website Placement Monitoring
  • Data Integration
  • Search Engine Consulting



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